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HLP--I do this work because someone has to. It’s not about passing the buck. I do this work because I am an infected woman of color, who is a mom and a grandma, and I want to see the end of this epidemic for everyone’s sake.

Center for Women and HIV Advocacy

The Center for Women & HIV Advocacy (CWHA) was created to respond to the unmet needs of women living with HIV/AIDS and to help build a national movement that will shape HIV/AIDS policy for women within the United States. CWHA builds upon HIV Law Project’s highly successful advocacy training program for women living with HIV/AIDS and expands upon our policy analysis and advocacy efforts regarding issues affecting HIV-positive women. Through legal education, advocacy training, and issue specific community outreach, CWHA empowers HIV-positive women by giving them the tools to organize and the skills to educate each other, public officials, journalists, and the general public, on issues important to them, their families, and the communities in which they live.


Program Highlights

  • Training over 150 HIV+ women activists through our groundbreaking Law Technical Assistance Program, founded in 1992 and continuing today;
  • Launching the Center for Women & HIV Advocacy, which brings together advocacy and leadership training, community organizing and policy analysis under a single umbrella to effectively advance the rights of HIV+ positive women.